Cacoon: Double Door - Hanging Havens
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Cacoon: Double Door


It fits tightly to create a water barrier, while the generous overlap of canvas will keep out most of what nature can throw at it (including cats and dogs!). For even greater protection the material rolls underneath the bottom of the Cacoon.

Just slip it over the top of your Cacoon. The collar holds it in place at the top, with two simple ties at the foot attaching to the two front eyelets on the outside of your Cacoon.

When you're not using it, the cover simply ties to the outside eyelets at the back of your Cacoon. Neatly out of your way.

Ready to fit your Double Cacoon Hammock.

Colors: Black, Camouflage, Chili Red, Fuchsia, Grey, Leaf Green, Mango Orange, Natural White (Half White), Sky Blue, Taupe, and Turquoise.

Natural White
Leaf Green
Mango Orange
Sky Blue
Chili Red
Deep Taupe

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