Cacoon: Children's Bonsai Hammock - Hanging Havens
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Cacoon: Children's Bonsai Hammock


This is the perfect Bonsai for your kids.

Can be placed in your kid's bedroom, hang it from a swing frame, or take it with you on a day out. You and your kids will absolutely love it.

It is such a cool place to hang out. They’ll never be out of it.

Bonsai is made to the highest standards. It is made with 35 % cotton and 65% polyester. It is also water repellent, anti mold and bacteria treatment, and UV performance. So it’s tough enough to cope with your little... darlings. 

Compatible with the tripod stand.

Colors: Black, Fuchsia, Leaf Green, Light Grey, Mango Orange, Natural White (Half White), Taupe, Turquoise

Dimensions: 3.9 ft.

Weight: 8 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 440 lbs.

Leaf Green
Light Grey
Mango Orange
Natural White

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