Hammock Bliss: XL Rain Fly - Hanging Havens
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Hammock Bliss: XL Rain Fly

Hammock Bliss

Always stay high and dry in Hammock Bliss XL Rain Fly. This extra large & light-weight hammock shelter. is made from 70 denier super tough rip-stop nylon material that is waterproof and  tear resistant  The extra large width allows you to use this  fly as an emergency shelter, cooking shelter or as a rain shelter with two hammocks stacked below. The XL Rain Fly comes complete with 100 inches of cord at each of the 6 attachment points which gives you multiple hanging options. The four corners all feature our new Line Loc buckles so you can tension and secure your tie outs with a simple pull on the cord. For maximum protection from the rain set up the XL Rain Fly in the rectangular shape using all 6 cords. For speed and ease set up the XL Rain Fly as a diagonal diamond using only the 4 corner cords. Use your Hammock Bliss XL Rain Fly whenever you go out into the wild and always stay high and dry.

Note: Hammock is sold separately and is not included with the XL Rain Fly.

Color: Black

Dimensions: 142" x 124" 76".

Weight:  18 oz.

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