Byer of Maine: Madera Stand - Hanging Havens
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Byer of Maine: Madera Stand

Byer of Maine

If you have just one hanging point for your hammock, the Madera Stand solves the problem. Simple in design and made from the highest quality materials, simply stand the hardwood bars and drive the metal pin into the ground and you have a second hanging point ready to go for any hammock experience. The Madera stand easily supports 250 pounds, and it has jointed legs for easy assembly, storage and shipping.

Color: Natural Wood. 

Dimensions: 64"L. 

Weight: 10 lbs. 

Weight Capacity: 250 lbs.

(Click Here for Madera Setup Instructions)

* Byer of Maine is closed for the Holidays starting December 20 and will not return until January 3, 2017. All orders placed in that time frame will be shipped on return date January 3, 2017.  Happy Holidays!

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